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OGATA is dedicated to preserving, displaying, and demonstrating farming techniques, antique farm equipment and tractors, and sharing the agriculture history of the region with the community. The association has obtained, through donations and on loan, a variety of antique farming equipment that is used to demonstrate and display farming practices of the past.

If you would like to make a donation, please complete the Donation form and mail or contact OGATA. The form can be accessed by clicking on the form and selecting print on your browser. The association welcomes your donations, both monetary and equipment, to help “preserving the past for the future”.

old glade Antique Tractor association - donate form

Old Glade Tractors Donation Form

Donation Form


Old Glade Antique Tractor Association, Inc.


14437 Prices Bridge Road

Glade Spring, VA 24340


Phone: (276) 356-5397